Everyday Conditioner

NATULIQUE Everyday Conditioner is now available with a brand new and improved special formula made for sensitive scalp.

The new certified organic formula is packed with beneficial vitamins and more than 75 different nutrients.
The new and improved formula, moisturizes and nourishes both the hair and scalp and is the perfect everyday solution for oily hair, itchy dandruff and / or generally irritated scalp. Contains very beneficial certified organic ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice, apricot oil, and almond oil which with its beneficial and natural properties treat and protect hair and scalp without the use of hard chemicals.

News NATULIQUE Everyday Conditioner is great for preventing dandruff caused by prolonged scalp irritation, such as redness and itching caused by conventional shampoo and hair products.

Provides a comfortable working environment, in the salon, for hairdresser and for customer.

Product Price $35.90